We only accept a handful of new authors each year. So make sure your query to us stands out in its professionalism. Although we will fully edit your work, it will behoove you to make sure what you submit to us shows your better than average knowledge of the English language and that you can tell a good story.


We only accept electronic submissions. However, due to email virus concerns, all of your materials must be in the body of the email. ANY SUBMISSION SENT WITH ATTACHMENTS WILL BE DELETED UNOPENED. All queries should be sent We try to respond in 1-2 weeks.


Please include the following:

  • COVER LETTER: Short and sweet introducing you and your work, should be no more than 3 paragraphs.

  • AUTHOR INFOR: Not your life story. Let us know if you have been published or self-published before and what kind of social media presence you have. 

  • FIRST CHAPTER: Please don't double space, it makes the email too long.


HISTORICAL FICTION - For our purposes, historical is anything pre-1950. Cross-genre works, such as mysteries, spy novels, or alternate history, tend to capture our attention. We are not interested in military fiction or romances.


FANTASY - The key here is originality. While we love paranormal stories or characters, there has to be a new twist for us to accept your manuscript. Please don't send in re-iterations of Twilight or Game of Thrones. We are not interested in graphic novels, or animé.


SCIENCE FICTION - Again, the more original the concept, or even a new spin on an old trope, the better chance we will be interested.


MYSTERY - We will consider everything from cozy mysteries to hard-boiled cop stories. However, be aware mystery and thriller are different categories. Spy stories with a lot of car chases and things blowing up are typically not mysteries. Think more "who-done-it" plots. Warning: if we figure out who the killer is before the half-way point, we likely will not pursue your book.

LGBT FICTION - It is easier to say what we are NOT looking for: no typical romance or erotica. Beyond that, what really catches our interest are books that would also fit into other genres we publish, but happen to have LGBT main characters. This is how life is. A story about a person being gay, is kind of "so what," but a story that is a good murder mystery, for example, with a detective who happens to be gay, that is more of what we look for.


YOUNG ADULT - We are only looking for series of 3-5 books and it must fall into one of the genres above. You will need to have the first two books written and a detailed synopsis ready for the remainder of the series

We are not accepting unsolicited queries at this time

Check back to watch for this to change

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