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Chad Bordes started writing at 14 years old. It is a passion inspired by his father who pushed him to take a creative writing class. He has maintained a blog for the better part of 20 years and likes to write about what he sees and feels around him. A true world explorer, he calls southern California home.

Titles: The Ruination of Dylan Forbes

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Shannon Capps is a former TV news reporter. Since leaving the world of glitzy sets and pompous anchors, he’s spent much of his time on two wheels, exploring the country via motorcycle and writing about it. His features have appeared in Rider, RoadBike, and H.O.G. magazines. He lives with his wife and 'investigative' dog in the Pacific Northwest, currently at work on a new novel.

Title: Runaway Train 

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Karuna Das is the pen and spirit name of Kyle Bostian. He comes from a dramatic writing background, with an MFA in Playwriting and PhD in Theatre and Dramaturgy. His short fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in literary journals. He and his life partner Ti share their Pittsburgh house with five wonderfully wacky cats.

Title: Kat's Cradle (coming May 2022)



Courtney Davis is a mother, wife and teacher who has always loved to find time to escape into a good story. She's been in love with reading and writing since she was a child and dreams of a life where she can devote herself fully to creating worlds and exploring relationships. To give someone else enjoyment through her words is the ultimate thrill.

Title: A Werewolf in Women's Clothes 

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Therese Doucet writes, parents, and works a day job in Washington, DC, and Knoxville, TN. She studied cultural history in a Ph.D. program at the University of Chicago for four years, and is a former Fulbright fellow, as well as a creative writing residency fellow of the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. Her fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared in literary magazines including Embark, Hotel Amerika, and Bayou, and one of her essays was listed as a Notable Essay of the Year in Best American Essays 2011.

Titles: The Prisoner of the Castle of Enlightenment


Born and raised in Egypt, Samuel Ebeid studied political science before becoming a Community Solutions Fellow for the U.S. Dept. of State. He has previously published Arabic translations of governmental works. Samuel is now married to Karen and manages a small hotel in Western Maryland. 

Titles: The Heiress of Egypt, The Queen of Egypt (The Princess Merit series)


G.P. Gottlieb has been a musician, a teacher, and an administrator, but she’s happiest when she’s writing recipe-laced murder mysteries. GP Gottlieb has always experimented in the kitchen and created her own delicious vegan cookies and cakes. She is also an interviewer for the New Books in Literature podcast channel. Gottlieb is the mother of three grown children and lives with her husband in Chicago.

Titles: Battered, Smothered (The Whipped and Sipped Mystery Series)



Wayne E. and Sean P. Haley are a father and son team. Wayne is a retired University of California administrator who has been writing for pleasure for thirty-five years. Wayne spends most of his free time with his wife, Kathleen, walking the beaches near his home in Hawaii. Sean Haley is the chief compliance officer for an investment firm. Now living outside of Los Angeles, Sean spends much of his free time with his wonderful wife, Kristy, and their blended family of five children - usually shuttling them to various activities and sporting events.

Title: An Apology to Lucifer (coming Feb. 2022)

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Jeanne Matthews graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism and has worked as a copywriter, a high school English and Drama teacher, and a paralegal. An avid traveler and crime fiction reader, she is the author of the Dinah Pelerin international mystery series. She currently lives in Washington State with her husband, who is a law professor, and a Norwich terrier named Jack Reacher.

Titles: Devil by the Tail

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Living in New Jersey for all his life, Shawn Mackey has been writing since childhood. Though his favorite genre is horror, he has a deep appreciation for fantasy influenced by mythology and science fiction that questions the modern world and its future.

Titles: This World of Love and Strife (coming Mar. 2022)



A Pennsylvania native, C. K. McDonough has a journalism degree and twenty years experience in the communications industry. A self-proclaimed history nerd, Caren has turned her love of research and the written word into her first novel, Stoking Hope.

Titles: Stoking Hope 

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Phillip Otts retired from the CIA in 2006 to pursue a life-long interest in writing.  A native of Alabama, he developed a deep appreciation for the remarkable handful of Southerners who, with courage and integrity, recognized the evils of slavery and took tangible steps to end it. He is also the author of a contemporary espionage novel, The Sword of the Prophet.

Titles: A Storm Before the War, The Soul of a Stranger, The Price of Betrayal (The Harvey & McCrary Adventures Series)

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Erika Rummel has taught history at the University of Toronto and Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo. She divides her time between Toronto and Los Angeles and has lived in villages in Argentina, Romania, and Bulgaria. She is the author of more than a dozen books on social history, and six novels. In 2018 she was honored with a lifetime achievement award by the Renaissance Society of America.


Titles: The Inquisitor's Niece, The Road to Gesualdo

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Vanessa A. Ryan is an actress in Southern California. She was born in Los Angeles and graduated from UCLA. When not writing or acting, she enjoys painting and has exhibited her work in art galleries and museums. She also has performed stand-up comedy, so her writing often reflects her love of humor. She is the author of several mystery/suspense novels, and she once lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where some of her novels take place. She is a member of SAG/AFTRA, Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Title: The Trouble with Murder (coming Mar. 2022)

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Jessica Stilling has written two works of literary fiction, Betwixt and Between and The Beekeeper's Daughter. She also wrote poetry and short fiction for various literary journals. Her articles have appeared in Ms. Magazine, Bust Magazine and she writes extensively for The Writer Magazine. She has taught Creative Writing in both high school and university. She also publishes young adult fantasy under the pen name JM Stephen. Jessica loves Virginia Woolf, very long walks, and currently lives in southern Vermont where she writes for the very local newspaper, The Deerfield Valley News.


Titles: (as Stilling) The Weary God of Ancient Travelers, (as Stephen) Into the Fairy Forest, Rise of the Hidden Prince (The Pan Chronicles), Nod


Claryn Vaile is a Colorado native with a passion for local history and historical architecture. She has served on the faculty of Metropolitan State University and is a member of History Colorado, Historic Denver, Inc. and the Denver Woman’s Press Club. She is fascinated by the paranormal and loves to stay in historic hotels, purportedly haunted or otherwise. 

Titles: Ghost Tour



Felicia Watson started writing stories as soon as they handed her a pencil in first grade. When not writing, Felicia spends her time with her darling dogs, her beloved husband, being an amateur pastry chef, and still finds time for her day job as a scientist.

Titles: We Have Met the Enemy, Spooky Action at a Distance, The Risks of Dead Reckoning (The Lovelace Series), Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela

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Daniel A. Willis writes both fiction and nonfiction. In his historical works, he describes the world as it was. In his fantasy novels, he envisions it as it could be. A native of Ohio, Mr. Willis has called Colorado home for more than three decades. He is also the owner/publisher of D. X. Varos, Ltd.

Titles: Immortal Betrayal, Immortal Duplicity, Immortal Revelation (The Immortal Series), Prophecy of the Awakening, Farhi and the Crystal Dome and Other Stories, Victoria II  (For nonfiction titles see: House of Willis Publishing)

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Joyce Yarrow was raised in the Southeast Bronx, but escaped to Manhattan, where she wrote poetry while riding the bus through the Lower East Side. The Bus Poems were published and her writing career was launched. In addition to four published novels, Joyce’s short stories and essays that have appeared in Inkwell Journal, Whistling Shade, Descant, ArabesquesWeber: The Contemporary West and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Yarrow is a member of the Authors Guild and the Sisters in Crime organization.

Titles: Sandstorm