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Daniel A. Willis

Updated for the reign of King Charles III

What is it about the royals? Why are millions around the world fascinated by them?


Royalty, and especially the British royal family, has always had a mystique about them that has captured the imagination of the masses. One facet of this is discovering who is and who is not in the line to the Throne. Many a genealogist has pined for that royal connection that they believe gives them some remote claim.


But, alas, the succession is defined by law and has a finite, albeit large, number of members. These pages will explain the evolution of the British succession and details of the laws that govern it, as well as attempt to record the entire list… all 2200+ of them!

Release date: 10 January 2023


DX Varos is a small press publishing company that produces works of fiction. Because of our smaller size, we are under no pressure to produce mass quantities of titles and are able to be very selective in our acquisitions. Therefore, all of our titles will be at the pinnacle of their genre.


We only take on a few new fiction authors each year. We also accept nonfiction works about royalty and royal families or biography in general through our House of Willis Publishing imprint. Click on House of Willis in the menu for more info.

Being a small publisher does not mean we don't offer the same services as the big guys do. And yes, we are a REAL publisher. Our authors pay nothing to have their books published. We handle all aspects of perfecting, producing, and distributing your work. We also do promotion, but expect our authors to do the same. To learn more about how we partner with our authors, please see the Expectations page.


About the name: The majority owner of the company is author Daniel A. Willis. Dano Varos is the main character of his first novel, Immortal Betrayal, and D. Xander Varos is a pen name he has used for certain writing. Many of Daniel's friends are convinced that novel is his autobiography (making him just over 600 years old!). So the company was named in homage to this fragment of the owner's complex personality.