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We will operate under a contract with the author, here are the high points:


We assume the responsibility and cost of all editing, formatting, producing, and distributing your book. This includes cover design. We also pay for wholesale marketing to bookstores and national book review boards, as well as social media advertising.


We will offer small advances on royalties. After the royalties collected exceed the amount of the advance, we will pay royalties quarterly and we pay 50% of what we bring in from sales. In real dollars, this translates to approx. $1-$2 per paperback and $.75 - $1.25 per ebook.


You will receive 10 free copies of your finished book to sell or give away. You can purchase unlimited copies after that at 60% off of the cover price.


We will hold the exclusive rights to the printed book and ebook for a period of five years. After that those rights revert to the author, however we will continue publishing your book until you ask us to stop. The author retains all ancillary rights such as audio, movie and stage performances.


Be good writers. This does not mean we expect you to be grammatically perfect. But you should be able to demonstrate a capable use of the English language.


Be willing to work to promote yourself as a writer. As a publisher, we can hawk your book until we're blue in the face, but if the author is not engaging with the readers, the book will not sell, no matter how good it is.


Have a social media presence. In this day and age, this is essential for novice and experienced authors alike. At the very minimum we will require authors to have a Facebook page. It is a good idea to actually have two pages, one for personal friends and family and another to be your professional page where you can interact with your readers.


Join writers' groups. You should be at least a member of your local author's organization and perhaps one national genre-specific organization. These groups are invaluable sources for writing tips, marketing ideas, and often, opportunities to sell your books.

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