Prophecy of the Awakening

Daniel A. Willis

Apocalypse doesn't mean the end ... only change!

Nikki thought she was crazy. Now she knows that not only is the voice in her head real, it the voice of a goddess.

David is a devout Catholic. Can he continue to cling to his faith in the light of what is going on around him?

Cardinal Santarem knows the truth. But he is not going to let it tear down two thousand years of religious domination.

Amber is a self-absorbed Hollywood starlet. She is the last person anyone would choose to become a mother, let alone the one who will fulfill the Prophecy of the Awakening.


About the Author

Daniel A. Willis writes both fiction and nonfiction. In his historical works, he describes the world as it was. In his fantasy novels, he envisions is as it could be. A native of Ohio, Mr. Willis has called Colorado home for three decades.


By keeping his story firmly rooted in contemporary society with its twists and turns, Daniel A. Willis creates an involving, engrossing story that eschews any predictable focus on Greek mythology in favor of modern characters and dilemmas that focus on both their choices and the impact of an impossible forecast ... The result is thoroughly engrossing and highly recommended. - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


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