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Habsburgs in the 21st Century

Daniel A. Willis

At the height of their power, the Habsburg family ruled nearly two-thirds of the European continent, but their reign came to end nearly a century ago. Although they are not reigning any longer, there are over a hundred people living today entitled to call themselves Archduke of Austria. What has become of them?


The current living family members are all descended from Empress Maria Theresia. The 300th anniversary of her birth is being marked in 2017. This seems like an opportune time to catch up with them, just to see what these former royals are up to in a world that relegates their family to the past. Most of them are ordinary working people, doing what they can to get through life just like the rest of us. Yet, a few continue to make history in their own way.



About the author:

Daniel  A. Willis is a renowned expert in all things royal. His previous works include The Romanoffs 100 Years Later. He also edits the annually updated Reporter's Guide to the Royal Families of Europe and The Complete Line of Succession.



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