Ghost Tour

Claryn Vaile

Hotel Historian Rebecca Bridger conducts popular “ghost” tours of the Griffins Keep, though she doesn’t believe in such things — until personal encounters with the paranormal rock her skeptical paradigm.  But when proposed changes threaten the hotel’s higher function as a spiritual portal, only her complete faith in the hotel’s magic and its lingering guests will avert supernatural disaster.


About the author:

Claryn Vaile is a Colorado native with a passion for local history and historical architecture. She has served on the faculty of Metropolitan State University and is a member of History Colorado, Historic Denver, Inc. and the Denver Woman’s Press Club. She is fascinated by the paranormal and loves to stay in historic hotels, purportedly haunted or otherwise.  


“...starts off as a by-the-books haunted-hotel tale, but very quickly gets a lot better than that.” – Jason Bettus, Chicago Center for Literature and Photography


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