The Key to Unlocking
Your Royal Ancestry

Daniel A. Willis

The Holy Grail of genealogy: Descent from a King


For most genealogists researching families of British/Irish descent, the modern age of the internet has made it reasonably simple to trace one’s ancestors to the American Colonial period, 1600–1780. But the real challenge has been making that jump from 1600 back to a line that will lead to royalty.


This 2-volume set of book aims to assist with just that. Nearly every person living the 21st century who has English, Irish, Scots, or Welsh ancestry is very likely descended from King Edward III (1312–1377). But finding the line that gets you there is the trick! Herein are listed all the known descendants of Edward III for 12 generations. Now all you have to do is trace your family back to roughly 1650 and see where they connect.


About the author:

Daniel A. Willis is a royal genealogist and biographer. His previous works have included Habsburgs in the 21st Century and The Romanoffs 100 Years Later. He is also the editor of the annually updated Reporter’s Guide to the Royal Families of Europe, and The Complete Line of Succession.

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