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The Guardians

Lansford Guy

The only thing buried deeper than her sister's body is the truth.


To protect Maureen Buckley from her family's plot to have her placed under a guardianship, attorney Allen Mann will have to first understand what could have driven her to conceal the mummified body of her twin sister under her family's sprawling Texas ranch. While none question Maureen's brilliance, her fear of leaving home and deference to the mysterious entities she refers to as the "Guardians" raise serious doubts about her sanity. Allen will have to dig deep into the gnarled roots of a wealthy family's twisted history, including the disappearance of two boys decades earlier, to unravel Maureen's motives and determine if she really is the delusional killer that will be portrayed in court.


About the Author:

Lansford Guy is a former newspaper reporter who followed the court room beat into the courthouse and now practices law. His short fiction and poetry have appeared in Pulp!, the Austin Daze and My Favorite Bullet. His podcast, Fiction Tartare, features his original fiction and is available through Apple Podcasts. His non-literary interests include archery, virtual reality development, and perpetually refining his chili recipe. He lives with his wife, son and two cats in Texas.

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