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Supernatural P.I.
A Fawn Malero Mystery

Courtney Davis

Just when Fawn Malero was getting comfortable in her new life....


Fawn was enjoying her new-found career as a Supernatural P.I., settling into a relationship with the Werewolf, Logan, and figuring out how to interact with all the supernatural creatures living in the Seattle area. But it never occurred to her the water off the shore was also under her administration...that was until they started crawling out to beg for help.


Before she knew it, Fawn was on a quest to learn who was attempting to steal the magical properties of the ocean, where a powerful Vampire's daughter was being held captive. And could she catch the Magician who'd been selling dangerous items to humans?


Of course, she wasn't alone. The posse she'd collected were still with her and determined to help. If she was going to make it as a P.I. she wasn't going to do it without backup. 


About the Author

Courtney Davis is a mother, wife and teacher who has always loved to find time to escape into a good story. She's been in love with reading and writing since she was a child and dreams of a life where she can devote herself fully to creating worlds and exploring relationships. To give someone else enjoyment through her words is the ultimate thrill.

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