A Storm Before the War

Phillip Otts

A brother’s job is never done!

John Harvey and Martin McCrary share a father and little else. Harvey, a freed slave, has lived life as his white brother’s keeper. When they survive a shipwreck, only to discover a foreign plot to exploit of the divide between the northern and southern states, they must learn to trust each other as true brothers to help preserve the Union—and their own lives.


This 19th century espionage thriller takes our heroes from the port of Havana to the halls of power on two continents, the first of many exciting adventures to come.



About the author:

Phillip Otts retired from the CIA in 2006 to pursue a life-long interest in writing.  A native of Alabama, he developed a deep appreciation for the remarkable handful of Southerners who, with courage and integrity, recognized the evils of slavery and took tangible steps to end it. He is also the author of a contemporary espionage novel, The Sword of the Prophet.


“This series promises to be an exhilarating one.” – Kirkus Review 

"This book was a fun read, and I anxiously await the sequel where the dynamic duo makes a reappearance. There is no war within my judgment; I recommend this book."  -- Alice Cochran, Historical Novel Society Review


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