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Silence and Ruptured Waters
Chronicles of Pan, Book 3

J.M. Stephen

So far Pippa Gardiner has lost her mother in a fire, fallen in love with a Pan from another reality, the Fairy world, discovered her father was a former Pan, developed a close friendship with a satyr, and discovered she has a half-brother who just happens to the Prince of the Fairies. And that’s all been within the last year.


Now that her brother seems determined to release the apocalyptic creature known as Ruinae, Pippa has to brace herself for even more shocking revelations as she tries to save both of her worlds from the Ruinae’s followers. Most notably, the Squalus, a malevolent being who uses the oceans to wreak havoc.


About the author:

J. M. Stephen is an author and educator with a penchant for mythologies and history. She loves the woods, secluded places, reading Virginia Woolf and being out in nature. She has taught writing, literature and publishing at The Gotham Writer’s Workshop and The New School. Her articles and short stories have appeared in numerous publications. Aside from her young adult series, she is also the author of the adult biblical fantasy, Nod and four works of literary fiction. She now writes for newspaper The Deerfield Valley News  in the southern Vermont town where she lives with her family.

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