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Secrets and Stalkers - eBook Cover.jpg

Secrets and Stalkers
A Fawn Malero Mystery

Courtney Davis

Fawn Malero is a special girl, and not just because she's the daughter of Seattle’s chief Magician, but because she now has TWO stalkers, one a madman human who escaped custody and the other a Werewolf who blames her for his banishment. Add to that a quest for a missing magic mirror, a house guest who is not quite what she seems, and a moody Werewolf boyfriend who she’s afraid to tell the whole truth to, and you have another typical Fawn Malero adventure! 


She'll need help from unexpected places if she wants to make it out of this one alive. 


About the Author


Courtney Davis is a mother, wife and teacher who has always loved to find time to escape into a good story. She's been in love with reading and writing since she was a child and dreams of a life where she can devote herself fully to creating worlds and exploring relationships. To give someone else enjoyment through her words is the ultimate thrill.

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