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Joyce Yarrow

Sandie goes wherever the wind blows.

From orphan to delinquent to make-up artist, Sandie Donovan is the queen of the makeover, whether it's actresses playing Off Broadway or her own identity. But she can run from her past for only so long before she has to “woman up” and take control of her own life.

“Sandie Donovan is a charming and damaged character, and I rooted for her from the get-go.” — Jenny Shortridge, The New York Times bestselling author of Love Water Memory


About the author:

Joyce Yarrow was raised in the Southeast Bronx, but escaped to Manhattan, where she wrote poetry while riding the bus through the Lower East Side. The Bus Poems were published and her writing career was launched. In addition to five published novels, Joyce’s short stories and essays have appeared in numerous national publications. Yarrow is a member of the Authors Guild and the Sisters in Crime organization.

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