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The Romanoffs 100 Years Later

Daniel A. Willis

No royal family has captured the imagination or inspired dreams dripping in diamonds like the Imperial House of Russia, the Romanoffs.  For most, their story ended in that damp and musty cellar in Ekaterinburg in July 1918. But that was only the end of one chapter.


While the Bolsheviks did their level best to rid the world of the Romanoff name, they failed. There were survivors, and those hearty souls continued the family. Now, a century after the murders, it is an appropriate time to reflect on how the family has lived in exile, yet maintained their heritage.



About the author:

Daniel  A. Willis is a renowned expert in all things royal. His previous works include Habsburgs in the 21st Century. He also edits the annually updated Reporter's Guide to the Royal Families of Europe and The Complete Line of Succession.