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The Price of Betrayal
A Harvey & McCrary Adventure

Phillip Otts

The War is over!


In this finale to the Harvey & McCrary Adventures, we learn the brothers never saw each again after their adventure at Fort Sumter. Now, years later, McCrary’s daughter finally finds her uncle where he is living in hiding in the Caribbean. Together they share the stories of their families’ triumphs and tragedies through the rest of the war and during Reconstruction.



About the author


Phillip Otts retired from the CIA in 2006 to pursue a life-long interest in writing.  A native of Alabama, he developed a deep appreciation for the remarkable handful of Southerners who recognized the evils of slavery and took tangible steps to end it. In addition to the Harvey & McCrary Adventures, he also the author of a contemporary espionage novel, The Sword of the Prophet.

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