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Legends, Half-Truths, and Cherished Myths of the

Drane Family

Daniel A. Willis

So you think you know ths story of the Drane family in the United States? Guess again!

Anyone who has researched the Drane/Drain family in the United States has probably been told some version of the story of Sir James Anthony Drane, a cousin of Lord Baltimore, who sent his several sons to the new colony of Maryland on the ships the Ark and the Dove. It is a noble story of our august forebears who formed a new nation (with a little from the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc.).

Such a pity none of it is true.

This book is the result of 25 years of research by one Drane descendant who attempts to set the record straight and connect all of the lines into one large family story.



About the author:

Daniel  A. Willis is noted royal genealogist. Here he turns his skills to his own maternal family.