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A.M. Jordan


What do you do after you’ve burned your hometown to the ground? That’s the question best friends Danny and Sieg have to answer when their homecoming float goes horribly awry. Instead of going to prison, the two end up renovating a broken-down mountain resort Danny’s uncle won in a poker game.

There they discover love, the evilest cat in the world, ghosts, and an Oxford-educated Sasquatch. Now, they and their new friends have to save the Sasquatch from a pair of intrepid tabloid reporters, a fake medium, and a developer who wants to level the resort to build condos.

The fire is beginning to look like the easy part.



The son of a printer and a waitress and born in Colorado in 1967, A.M. Jordan grew up camping throughout the Front Range. He is married to Laura, who somehow puts up with him, and is owned by three cats. They all live together in the not-so-wilds of metro Denver. He is passionate about books, railroads, history, and baseball. Weird Canyon is Mr. Jordan’s debut novel.


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