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Shawn Mackey


It is the duty of the Vanguard to protect the world from unseen demonic forces.

But what if the organization falls to corruption? Their reformation is up to Cato, a disgraced former member who discovers many of the elite using their powerful positions and martial skills for ill-gotten gains rather than fulfilling their true purpose: aiding mankind in a secret war against their eternal foe.

Aldous is a Vanguard who fell from grace after being stricken with vampirism by a mysterious figure known as the White Lady. His increasingly vile appetites are tolerated because his knowledge as an alchemist is vital in the Vanguard’s battle against the demons. When those desires lead to the abduction of the woman Cato loves, Cato wages a one-man war against Aldous and his werewolf henchman.



Living in New Jersey for all his life, Shawn Mackey has been writing since childhood. Though his favorite genre is horror, he has a deep appreciation for fantasy influenced by mythology and science fiction that questions the modern world and its future.


“the perfect blend of Horror and action.” — Lisa Binion, Lisa’s Writopia

"While This World of Love and Strife will reach horror audiences, it also should be included in fantasy and thriller library collections as a strong example of the strengths that can emerge from a story that embraces different genres with powerful characters and scenarios that are unpredictable and engrossing. " — D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“This book is a wild ride and one that has to be read to be believed. Mackey’s writing is superb and his grasp of plotting is everything a reader could want in a horror novel. The different character perspectives kept the story fresh and provided a lot of insight into the story that might have otherwise been lost with something so ambitious. This is an incredible five star book in what might seem like an unassuming package. Don’t miss this one!” — Nora, Storeybook Reviews

“A paranormal thriller with lots of flavor-- This World of Love and Strife, is a favorite book of the year so far! That says a lot since horror/paranormal is far from my favorite genre! The premise caught my eye so I decided to give the book a try. I am so glad I did!” — Bee Lindy, Bookpleasures

“This World of Love and Strife is not just a book, but a full-in reading experience.” — Suzie, My Tangled Skeins Book Reviews

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