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Felicia Watson


Sequel to the award-winning We Have Met the Enemy and Spooky Action at a Distance.

Naiche Decker is engaged! And no one is more surprised by it than her. But first, she has one more mission. The Lovelace is ordered to respond to a distress call from unexplored space, and from a crew who all died 200 years ago. What they find is not only amazing, but potentially lethal. If Lt. Decker if going to make it down the aisle, she will have to survive the dangers of planet Tolu first.



Felicia Watson started writing stories as soon as they handed her a pencil in first grade. When not writing, Felicia spends her time with her darling dogs, her beloved husband, being an amateur pastry chef, and still finds time for her day job as a scientist.


“...this all has a strong Trek vibe, somewhere between TNG and Voyager, with a likable cast (and a dog) in the mix. The Apache influence in the main character adds an interesting layer and all in all it’s a fun read.” — Ernest Lilley, Amazing Stories

“Readers who like their sci-fi romances embedded in action and intrigue will find The Risks of Dead Reckoning cultivates a different brand of attraction that will keep women readers, especially, engrossed and involved.” — D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“It’s a wild, fun ride and I’m very glad to have had a seat” — Leila Taylor, Buried under Books

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