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G.P. Gottlieb


When the owner of the business next door is found dead in his office, Alene Baron's first feeling is relief. She's been suspicious of the food supplements her neighbor has been selling, not to mention the smoothies he's been hawking, which are much inferior to the ones Alene sells in her cafe. Plus, Stanley Huff never cleaned up his garbage in the alley they shared. As a sexual harasser and shady businessman, Stanley had enemies. One of Alene's favorite employees is a suspect. And now that employee is missing.



G.P. Gottlieb has been a musician, a teacher, and an administrator, but she’s happiest when she’s writing recipe-laced murder mysteries. GP Gottlieb has always experimented in the kitchen and created her own delicious vegan cookies and cakes. She is also an interviewer for the New Books in Literature podcast channel. Gottlieb is the mother of three grown children and lives with her husband in Chicago.


“Smothered is in a class of its own, both in the mystery genre and beyond.” – D. Donovan, senior agent, Midwest Book Review.

“Overall, with all of the twists and turns, it was a very good book.” — Literary Gold

“Culinary mystery collectors will want this book on their shelves.” — Kingdom Book Reviews

“5 Stars! Smothered is a cozy mystery that has a sweet and humorous tone with a grounded story, family drama, and a realistic protagonist that must balance her role as a mother with her role as a sleuth.” — Liz Konkel, Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews

“G.P. Gottlieb’s characters are endearing, and the tone of the book is lighthearted, making this a very enjoyable cozy mystery read....comes highly recommended.” — T.N. Traynor, Chick Lit Café

“The list of characters at the front makes it easy to keep track of who is who which brings the story to life. Add in the cute town and you feel like you are there with her. Thanks to plenty of the little clues along with the multiple suspects will keep the reader guessing until the final reveal.” — Books a Plenty Book Reviews

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