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A.M. Jordan


Danny Jael’s life working at the Colorado mountain resort was going just fine...

...even with the constant risk of being busted for real and made-up probation violations, a complicated romance with Anna, and a gathering of two clans of sasquatches from all over the country for what was their equivalent of a royal wedding.

That was until someone began starting fires all over town and tried to frame Danny and his best friend, Sieg, for them. One little disaster with a dragon-themed homecoming float, and no one lets you live it down!

Adding to the upheaval are problems in sasquatch paradise. Both bride and groom are in love with other sasquatches, but tradition and clan politics demanded they marry each other instead.
Yep, just another interesting summer in Weird Canyon!



A.M. Jordan, the son of a printer and a waitress and a native Coloradan, grew up camping throughout the Front Range. He is married to Laura, who somehow puts up with him, and is owned by three cats. They all live together in the not-so-wilds of metro Denver. He is passionate about books, railroads, history, and baseball.


“Readers seeking humor with a satisfyingly fun supernatural backdrop will find Sasquatch Love Call impossible to either categorize or put down.” — D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“If you are looking for a supernatural love story on the weird side, heed the Sasquatch Love Call.” – Eric Smith, Seattle Book Review

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