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Hotel Historian Rebecca Bridger conducts popular “ghost” tours of the Griffins Keep, though she doesn’t believe in such things — until personal encounters with the paranormal rock her skeptical paradigm. But when proposed changes threaten the hotel’s higher function as a spiritual portal, only her complete faith in the hotel’s magic and its lingering guests will avert supernatural disaster.

WINNER: Colorado Authors League Award for Best Novel: Supernatural/Horror



Claryn Vaile is a Colorado native with a passion for local history and historical architecture. She has served on the faculty of Metropolitan State University and is a member of History Colorado, Historic Denver, Inc. and the Denver Woman’s Press Club. She is fascinated by the paranormal and loves to stay in historic hotels, purportedly haunted or otherwise.


“...starts off as a by-the-books haunted-hotel tale, but very quickly gets a lot better than that.” – Jason Bettus, Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

This is first-rate historical fiction, clinging closely to people and places that may seem familiar to Denver history buffs. Claryn Vaile’s first novel will delight fiction and nonfiction fans alike. BOO! – Tom Noel, aka Dr. Colorado, co-author of Denver Landmarks & Historic Districts and many others

If you're looking for a great ghost story, look no further than Ghost Tour ... Colorado writer Claryn Vaile weaves a wonderful story of the paranormal within the walls of historic yesteryear. — Linda Wommack, Colorado historian and author of Colorado’s Landmark Hotels and Haunted Cripple Creek & Teller County

Claryn Vaile brings her characters to life as they share tales of ghosts, intertwining them in the plot as they try to save the historic hotel from modernization and certain “death” for the spirits inhabiting it. — Laura V. Keegan, author of Haunting at Remington House

Suspense, fright, and fun abound on every page of Claryn Vaile's exciting novel Ghost Tour! A vivid, gripping work, Ghost Tour will keep you on the edge of your seat to the last page. – Dr. Derek R. Everett, Colorado historian and author

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