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Jessica Stilling


Indie movie director Sebastian Foster has found his niche making movies based on the award-winning novels written by his estranged mother. However, his latest film, based loosely on the tragic death of his sister as a child, opens up old wounds best left under bandages. Told in two concurrent timelines, now and when Sebastian was a teen, some twenty years ago in the mid-1990s, this story of learning unknown truths unwinds in streets of Paris, where Sebastian lived as a teen and where he has returned to to make his picture.



Jessica Stilling has written three works of literary fiction, Betwixt and Between, The Beekeeper's Daughter, and The Weary God of Ancient Travelers. She also wrote poetry and short fiction for various literary journals. Her articles have appeared in Ms. Magazine, Bust Magazine and she writes extensively for The Writer Magazine. She has taught Creative Writing in both high school and university. She also publishes young adult fantasy under the pen name JM Stephen. Jessica loves Virginia Woolf, very long walks, and currently lives in southern Vermont where she writes for the very local newspaper, The Deerfield Valley News.


“This is a strong showing from Jessica Stilling and one that I will be thinking about for a long time to come.” — Bookgirl86, Goodreads

“Five stars for this wonderful story!” – Sally S, Goodreads

“it was an absolute treat!” – Gracie, Goodreads

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