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Courtney Davis


So who’s dumping all the dead cats in Fawn’s territory?

Fawn Malero has gone out of her way to live a normal life. It was a little hard to do what with her father being a powerful magician and head magistrate over all supernatural activity in the greater Seattle area. But she tried, even to the point of neglecting her part of the city assigned to her to watch over.

Then the dead cats started showing up, and so did Logan, a werewolf with whom she had had an uneasy childhood. Next thing she knew, she was hiding a vampire in her basement as well as a young warlock on the run. Did I mention the roommate who was a ghost?

Before she knew it, Fawn had a whole posse to help her solve the mystery. So much for her so-called “normal human” life.



Courtney Davis is a mother, wife and teacher who has always loved to find time to escape into a good story. She's been in love with reading and writing since she was a child and dreams of a life where she can devote herself fully to creating worlds and exploring relationships. To give someone else enjoyment through her words is the ultimate thrill.


“A Life with Beasts is a story of intrigue and attraction that is especially recommended for mystery readers who enjoy more than a light dose of paranormal encounters and a touch of romance.” — D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

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