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It’s about 5000 years ago and Egypt is a mess! The royal dynasty has been overthrown and the usurper king has already been murdered. His children have divided the kingdom and both have fallen under foreign domination. The Celestials, a race of aliens that nurtured the Egyptian civilization, have had a delegation of their heralds kidnapped and are threatening retribution. Meanwhile, the heiress of the overthrown dynasty, Princess Merit, along with her boyfriend, former palace guard Roma, his friend Moeris, and the high priest Amasis are leading the Free Army to regain her throne and restore peace to the kingdom. But both sides have powerful magic and mythological creatures at their disposal. Can Egypt survive?

In this exciting sequel to The Heiress of Egypt. it is all out war between the competing princesses: Merit, heiress to the dethroned Pharaoh and Hamees, daughter of the usurper. Which one will end up The Queen of Egypt?



Born and raised in Egypt, Samuel Ebeid studied political science before becoming a Community Solutions Fellow for the U.S. Dept. of State. He has previously published Arabic translations of governmental works. Samuel is now married to Karen and manages a hotel in Pennsylvania.


Samuel Ebeid takes the time to craft a solid, detailed portrait of this early world and all its nuances. – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

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