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With her feet planted squarely in both her home world and the fairy world, Pippa Gardner has an assignment: Find the long-lost son of Queen Mab. Her quest is thwarted by various natural disasters such as geysers, earthquakes, and teenage hormones. With the help of both her human and non-human friends, finding the lost Eros is the easy part. What to do with him is a whole other question, one that might be beyond Pippa’s control.

Meanwhile, the fairy world is preparing for the fight against the long-foretold coming of Ruinae, a malevolent entity which will end both worlds as we know them. While all plan, not all plan to fight on the same side.



J. M. Stephen is an author and educator with a penchant for mythologies of all kinds. She loves the woods, secluded places, reading Virginia Woolf and being out in nature. She has taught writing, literature and publishing at The Gotham Writer’s Workshop and The New School. Her articles and short stories have appeared in numerous publications. Aside from her young adult series, she is also the author of the adult biblical fantasy, Nod. She lives in New York City with her family.


Rise of the Hidden Prince is not only a fine follow-up expanding the story, but an excellent vision of a young girl coming into her powers and purpose. Considerations of who chooses which side and why are particularly well done, bringing readers into a story which holds a side dish of ethical and moral conundrums, as well. – D. Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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