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That is how Martha, a single mother in the West Virginia of 1918, survives and ultimately thrives, doing whatever she has to for her daughter, Frances.
It is also how Frances, a pregnant newlywed at the outbreak of World War II, gets through those dark days and their aftermath.

This tale of two remarkable women covers a fifty year period from World War I well into the 60s, full of pain, joy, friends gained and lost ... oh, and the creation of Kevlar.

Tiffany didn’t mean to kill her boyfriend and the skank he was cheating on her with, but the wolf just took over.

Which is how Tiffany found out she was a werewolf and there was a world of supernatural creatures the humans only heard about in myths and folklore. Now, Tiffany needed to find her place in her new pack—did she even want a place there?—and a way to balance her wolf life with her human career. Oh, and then was the sheer animal magnetism of Fin ...

Who is Lydia Warren? That’s what she’d like to know. 
An amnesiac, she vaguely remembers arriving in Santorini with this one-armed man she instinctive trusts but cannot recall his name. She guides us through the fog that is her mind, and her odyssey towards understanding that is even further complicated by memories of a life not her own from before she was born.

Sequel to the award-winning We Have Met the Enemy and Spooky Action at a Distance.

Naiche Decker is engaged! And no one is more surprised by it than her. But first, she has one more mission. The Lovelace is ordered to respond to a distress call from unexplored space, and from a crew who all died 200 years ago. What they find is not only amazing, but potentially lethal. If Lt. Decker if going to make it down the aisle, she will have to survive the dangers of planet Tolu first.

Now full-fledge spies for the Union, the brothers Martin McCrary and John Harvey are hiding in plain sight in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Martin is a commissioned officer in the militia of the now independent state of South Carolina. As such he is privy to the plans they, and later the Confederate States of America, have towards Fort Sumter. While he works to get information to and from his contacts in the Union, it is his brother, a former slave, who organizes his own make-shift navy among the slave fishermen to aid the Union as they plan to defend the fort. In the end, Fate takes the reins and our heroes can only hang on for the ride.

“And Cain left the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.” – Genesis 4:16

Nod is never mentioned again in the Bible. Where was it? Where did the people of Nod come from? What became of Cain? Now we have the story of Nod, as told through the eyes of Lailah, the first person to encounter Cain outside of his family. The story of Cain and Abel is brought alive, and the aftermath examined in a way never before told. But more than that we get the story of a primitive people becoming aware of the world around them.

The story of Cain and the people he went to live with after slaying Abel

Violaine, a devotee of books and learning, finds herself sold by her father to a mysterious nobleman to become his companion. Fearing herself at the mercy of a monster, Violaine instead succumbs to the seductive spell of her magical new home, and the love of a man she has never seen, who comes to her only in the darkness of night.

The Château de Boisaulne is a place of many mysteries, but also a refuge for children of the Enlightenment in a time when Europe still languishes under the repressive chains of monarchy and superstition. But modern thought meets ancient lore, as the castle borders the forest lair of the roi des aulnes, an ogre said to be the ancestor of Violaine’s unseen lover...or are they one and the same?

Violaine must make the best of a bad situation. The magic surrounding her does an unseen lover.

A brother’s job is never done!

John Harvey and Martin McCrary share a father and little else. Harvey, a freed slave, has lived life as his white brother’s keeper. When they survive a shipwreck, only to discover a foreign plot to exploit of the divide between the northern and southern states, they must learn to trust each other as true brothers to help preserve the Union—and their own lives.

This 19th century espionage thriller takes our heroes from the port of Havana to the halls of power on two continents, the first of many exciting adventures to come.
A Harvey & McCrary Adventure

A traditional spy/thriller novel, but set in the days leading up to the Civil War. The 1st of a series.


With these words, the TV news ‘train’ officially ‘ran off the rails’. New reporter Bill Stacy arrives at KEGT in August of ’87, the same month the FCC rescinds the Fairness Doctrine. No longer forced to report news in an “honest, equitable” manner, Bill (whose name is as fake as the news he covers) finds himself in the middle of the biggest story to ever hit ‘Texomaland’—a serial arsonist is terrorizing the community.

The big question: Can the investigative journalist find the ‘Torch’ before his ratings-hungry boss gets him killed?

What’s a 20-something Union war widow to do in 1867?  
Start up her own detective agency with a former Reb P.O.W. of course!
Quinn Sinclair, who uses the name Mrs. Paschal professionally, and her wryly observant partner Garnick get two cases on the same day - one to help a man prove he didn't kill his wife, another to help a lawyer find reasonable doubt that his client killed her ex-lover's new bride.  As the detectives dig deeper, they unearth facts that tie the cases together in disturbing ways.
This tantalizing tale of 19th Century Chicago comes complete with corrupt politicians, yellow-press reporters, gambling parlors, and colorful bawdyhouse madams.  At every turn in the investigation, Quinn discovers more suspects and more secret motives for murder.
Not least among her worries, someone seems intent on murdering her!

People mostly treat the royal families as merely a lot of fluff with no real power. They could not be more wrong!

In our timeline, Queen Victoria had 9 children and 42 grandchildren who were the rulers of much of Europe and the major players in World War I. But what if she had only one child, her eldest, Princess Vicky? This first book of three shows how one seemingly small tragedy, the assassination of Prince Albert in 1842, begins to unwind the threads of history and re-braid them into a very different world.

Imagine a world changed by eight little inches. That is the world of this book, changed forever when a bullet that missed in our timeline finds its mark in Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s beloved husband in another. Now with an only daughter, the queen must groom her heiress to become Victoria II.

When the owner of the business next door is found dead in his office, Alene Baron's first feeling is relief. She's been suspicious of the food supplements her neighbor has been selling, not to mention the smoothies he's been hawking, which are much inferior to the ones Alene sells in her cafe. Plus, Stanley Huff never cleaned up his garbage in the alley they shared. As a sexual harasser and shady businessman, Stanley had enemies. One of Alene's favorite employees is a suspect. And now that employee is missing.

Hotel Historian Rebecca Bridger conducts popular “ghost” tours of the Griffins Keep, though she doesn’t believe in such things — until personal encounters with the paranormal rock her skeptical paradigm.  But when proposed changes threaten the hotel’s higher function as a spiritual portal, only her complete faith in the hotel’s magic and its lingering guests will avert supernatural disaster.

WINNER: Colorado Authors League Award for Best Novel: Supernatural/Horror

A haunted hotel needs the tour guide who does not believe in ghosts!

Most writers dabble in several genres and Daniel A. Willis is no exception. This is a collection of shorter pieces—one novella and three short stories—which cover the gambit of speculative fiction. There are two alternate history stories, a ghost story, and a high fantasy young adult piece. Although not technically LGBT fiction, two of the stories have gay protagonists, showing that sexual orientation is just one piece of people’s lives and not necessarily the driving force of their existence.

WINNER 2021 Colorado Authors League Award for Best Shorter Fiction

A collection of short stories by Daniel A. Willis, author of the Immortal Mages series.

It’s about 5000 years ago and Egypt is a mess! The royal dynasty has been overthrown and the usurper king has already been murdered. His children have divided the kingdom and both have fallen under foreign domination. The Celestials, a race of aliens that nurtured the Egyptian civilization, have had a delegation of their heralds kidnapped and are threatening retribution. Meanwhile, the heiress of the overthrown dynasty, Princess Merit, along with her boyfriend, former palace guard Roma, his friend Moeris, and the high priest Amasis are leading the Free Army to regain her throne and restore peace to the kingdom. But both sides have powerful magic and mythological creatures at their disposal. Can Egypt survive?

In this exciting sequel to The Heiress of Egypt. it is all out war between the competing princesses: Merit, heiress to the dethroned Pharaoh and Hamees, daughter of the usurper. Which one will end up The Queen of Egypt?
A Sequel to The Heiress of Egypt

It is all out war between the competing princesses: Merit, and Hamees, but who has the better claim?

Alene Baron is the proud owner of Whipped and Sipped, a café that offers healthful, delectable food and drinks. Her life consists of dreaming up new recipes, raising her three children, and arguing with her ex-husband--until her neighbor and close friend is murdered. She imagines nearly everyone she knows as a possible suspect. After a second attack, Alene is determined to find the true killer … before she, or her family, become targets.
A Whipped and Sipped Mystery

The start of a delicious mystery series featuring amateur sleuth and master chef Alene Baron. Recipes Included!

The War is over!

In this finale to the Harvey & McCrary Adventures, we learn the brothers never saw each again after their adventure at Fort Sumter. Now, years later, McCrary’s daughter finally finds her uncle where he is living in hiding in the Caribbean. Together they share the stories of their families’ triumphs and tragedies through the rest of the war and during Reconstruction.

Sandie goes wherever the wind blows.
From orphan to delinquent to make-up artist, Sandie Donovan is the queen of the makeover, whether it's actresses playing Off Broadway or her own identity. But she can run from her past for only so long before she has to “woman up” and take control of her own life.

Dylan Forbes is a man caught somewhere between reality and illusion. He takes us on a crazy ride through his life and leaves a message along the way. It’s a story about not knowing where you truly are, how you fit in, how life puts you where you sometimes need to be, of growing up, growing old, and learning that moments are truly all we have in this life.

Dylan Forbes is a man caught somewhere between reality and illusion. He takes us on a crazy ride through his life and leaves a message along the way. It’s a story about not knowing where you truly are, how you fit in, how life puts you where you sometimes need to be, of growing up, growing old, and learning that moments are truly all we have in this life.

With her feet planted squarely in both her home world and the fairy world, Pippa Gardner has an assignment: Find the long-lost son of Queen Mab. Her quest is thwarted by various natural disasters such as geysers, earthquakes, and teenage hormones. With the help of both her human and non-human friends, finding the lost Eros is the easy part. What to do with him is a whole other question, one that might be beyond Pippa’s control.

Meanwhile, the fairy world is preparing for the fight against the long-foretold coming of Ruinae, a malevolent entity which will end both worlds as we know them. While all plan, not all plan to fight on the same side.

Like so many noble women before her, Leonora d’Este was betrothed behind her back and without her consent. She was to marry Prince Carlo di Gesualdo, and that was that. She did her duty to her family, knowing only that her fiancé was a widower with a son from the previous wife. It was only after her vows that she learned her husband murdered his wife and her lover in a jealous rage. Given the woman’s adultery, Leonora understood and forgave Carlo. But soon she noticed odd behavior from her husband. Was he slipping into madness? Could Leonora care for her husband ad protect herself at the same.

This vivid drama of noble life in 16th century Italy plays out through the eyes of Leonora’s faithful lady-in-waiting and friend, Livia, who has her own romantic problems. She is hopelessly in love with a young man whom she can never marry, and he loves her too but is promised to another. Will anyone find happiness on The Road to Gesualdo?

Love and deception in Renaissance Italy from the award-winning author of Inquisitor's Niece.

Lt. Naiche Decker has finally found a place to call home—complete with the father she never knew—on the ship he commands. Now her new home is going on a rescue mission to the farthest reaches of known space to look for a missing scientific expedition. Did the odd phenomena they were researching claim them or are they still lingering out there, just waiting for help to come? This sequel to We Have Met the Enemy continues Lt. Decker’s story as well as those who also serve about the Lovelace.
Sequel to We Have Met the Enemy.

Naiche Decker and the Loveless crew seek a missing science expedition.

Pippa is a typical teenager, if you don’t consider her inability to operate a cell phone. But then a-typical things start to happen. First her mother dies in a mysterious fire, then a fire seems to come after her.  After the ground tries to eat her friend, she runs right into the arms of the most beautiful boy she has ever seen, Pan ... Then things get really strange.

When Pan opens a whole new world up to Pippa, she finds herself attending fairy weddings, running with satyrs, and battling a mad centaur. She also learns there are many secrets being kept, some about her and her family, and worse, they are kept from her. But, all she really wants is to find her way back into Pan’s embrace.
The Pan Chronicles: Book 1

A Young Adult title. High Fantasy with Pippa learning she is creature of two worlds, ours and the fairy one.

Logan Crane’s life changed dramatically the day a blind fit of temper resulted in him accidentally injuring his wife. Although he’s now in an abuser counseling program, Logan cannot face the real source of his unhappiness: he’s always been attracted to men but has refused to accept it since witnessing an act of violence. During his therapy, Logan meets Nick Zales, a counselor at a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Nick is understandably suspicious of Logan despite an immediate attraction to him. Logan feels the same attraction and faces a critical internal struggle as he finds himself falling in love with this enigmatic man. Both men are haunted by unacknowledged ghosts and abuse in their pasts. How can they help each other heal if they continue to ignore their own wounds?

A romance between two men that defies the romance model. If you liked "Brokeback Mtn" this is for you.