The Reporters Guide to the

Royal Families of Europe

2020 Edition

Daniel A. Willis

You have been assigned to cover the latest royal wedding. That’s easy enough: remark on the lovely flowers, oooh and aaah over the wedding dress; make fun of the more outlandish hats. Piece of cake, right? Of course; but who is that lovely blond dressed in full tiara and sash?

Royalty has always mystified the masses. As a reporter your job is to draw back those curtains, but how can you do that if you don’t know what’s there yourself? Don’t want to feel stupid about royal families anymore? This book is a basic guide to help reporters, and other royal followers, identify European royalty of all stripes and give cursory information about who they are and why anyone cares.



About the author:

Daniel  A. Willis is a renowned expert in all things royal. His previous works include The Romanoffs 100 Years Later and Habsburgs in the 21st Century. He also edits the annually updated The Complete Line of Succession.



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