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The Complete Line of Succession

2020 Edition

Daniel A. Willis

What is it about the royals? Why are millions around the world fascinated by them?


Royalty, and especially the British royal family, has always had a mystique about them that has captured the imagination of the masses. One facet of this is discovering who is and who is not in the line to the Throne. Many a genealogist has pined for that royal connection that they believe gives them some remote claim.


But, alas, the succession is defined by law and has a finite, albeit large, number of members. These pages will explain the evolution of the British succession and details of the laws that govern it, as well as attempt to record the entire list…all 2200+ of them!



About the author:

Daniel  A. Willis is a renowned expert in all things royal. His previous works include The Romanoffs 100 Years Later and Habsburgs in the 21st Century. He also edits the annually updated The Reporters Guide to the Royal Families of Europe.



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